Sagittarius november 22 horoscope 2019

Sagittarius Horoscope announces fabulous changes for Sagittarius! If you are born November your life is likely to go through some sudden.
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Your ruling planet Pluto ends its retrograde today, finding you in an intense mood. Powerful conversations take place and important ideas are born. Your perspective has undergone a big shift, and communication planet Mercury enters your sign today, finding you eager to express yourself. Power and control issues—especially concerning your finances—come up for you to contend with as Pluto ends its retrograde. Your intuition gets a powerful boost as messenger planet Mercury enters psychic water sign Scorpio.

It's time to talk about the feelings you may have been repressing. It's an intense day for you as Pluto ends its retrograde—you're stepping into your power, but so much change is taking place that it's not easy! Mercury enters Scorpio, encouraging you to connect with friends and network; even more amazing change can take place if you and your community get together. Watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams and the psychic hits you get today: Pluto ends its retrograde and your intuition is especially tuned in.

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Mercury enters Scorpio, bringing you lots of discussions about career and reputation. A powerful change in your social life takes place as Pluto ends its retrograde.

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You're funneling amazing energy into the causes you're passionate about, and intriguing news from faraway places arrives as Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio also bodes well for you if you're in school, traveling, or trying to get something published!

Sagittarius October 2019 Horoscope ♐️ Gregory Scott Astrology

A powerful shift is taking place in your career, Aries, as Pluto ends its retrograde! Sagittarius is naturally a very social sign, so he likes to have fun. So it is not a problem that coming November drives him out to the people. A little cold could lead to bad flu.

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In November, Sagittarius can expect positive energy primarily in the intellectual area of their life. The situation in your family will be harmonious. Due to your fighting spirit, you might be thoughtless or even obsessed. Be careful when dealing with other people as you might harm the ones you care about.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

On the other hand, you could reach great things thanks to your stamina and self-confidence. You might also feel a volatile change of your mood and reverse feelings. Others may perceive you as a humanitarian but if a situation changes you might want to be vengeful.

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You will definitely enjoy calmness in this period. Your mood will be rather very positive and optimistic.

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Your behaviour in society will be sophisticated, self-confident or even intellectual. A potential success will lead you forward. Thanks to great discipline, you might excel at sports. All new moons stay strong for months, and how things play out depend on the actions you decide to take after the new moon occurs—that is, within the first ten days of October—for those actions will richly color the entire year to come in that area of your chart.

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